Saleh Lamei

I shall never reward my Godfather Prof. Saleh Lamie, for the patience, support and knowledge he gave me.. It was amazing time working with him, when fetal issues are simplified into simple components.. This is the greatness of true Visionaries and Scientists, whom I always wished to join their court.. I had learned from him who to re-live the past.. the gone days; to feel, realize, and understand the conventional way of thinking.. This is the only way to answer the questions related of why, what and how. There is no preservation quest would be carried out without such answers; such knowledge.. This training had made me who I’m; as applied in every aspect of knowledge and management..


During my journey, I had browsed many civilizations and cultures.. Toured many trends and trends; and understood many socioculture structures and knowledge know-how and implementations.. The journey enables me to understand Humanity


I had been engaged in preservation projects and proposals across
United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia
& Sudan